What is a Tabernacle Talk?

A Tabernacle Talk is a space we've created for conversations about Christ and culture. We'll bring in guest speakers who are well-informed on different topics that will help to equip our church family to better engage our culture!

We'll record the different talks and make them available (along with supplemental resources) right here!


Past Talks


How do you successfully parent (and grandparent) Gen-Z in a world that is not only dependent on technology but also has a culture that is consistently working to speak louder and faster to your kids than you can?

David Eaton, President and co-founder of Axis Ministry, will help you:
  • Decipher what is happening in culture and technology
  • Understand how it is affecting your kids
  • Change the conversation that culture is having with your children


Axis Resources:

Prince Avenue has partnered with Axis to give you access to thousands of trustworthy, gospel-centered resources on the topics that make parenting such a challenge in this smartphone, social media world.

Culture, technology, faith, identity, and hundreds of other challenging topics are covered through a Gospel-centered lens, making life’s tough conversations just a bit easier.

Fill out the form to claim your Free membership! 

Results from Screen Culture Survey:

We asked you what was most stressful when it comes to parenting.

See the results based on the survey responses.


Slides from Event Presentation:

Download a PDF of the slides used during "Screen Culture" if you would like to review any details from David.


Recommended Books:

"Engaging Your Teen’s World: Understanding what today’s youth are thinking, doing, and watching" – David Eaton and Jeremiah Callihan

"Smartphone Sanity: A proven plan to protect your kids, build trust, and bring smartphone balance to your home" – by David Eaton and Jeremiah Callihan



Recommended Books:

Making Sense of Your World” – Dr. Bill Brown, John Stonestreet, Gary Phillips

Every Square Inch: An Introduction to Cultural Engagement” – Dr. Bruce Ashford

The Gospel Comes with a Housekey” – Rosaria Butterfield

A Practical Guide to Culture-Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World” – John Stonestreet & Brett Kunkle

Tactics-A Gameplan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions” – Gregory Koukl

Can Science Explain Everything?” – John Lennox

Loving my LGBT Neighbor” – Glenn Stanton

Confronting Injustice Without Comprising Truth” – Thaddeus Williams

Tools and Websites:

World Magazine” & “World and Everything in It Podcast” – Features daily news and content from a biblical worldview.

Colson Center for Christian Worldview” – Daily 5 Minute Podcast called “Breakpoint

"AXIS" - Christ-centered resources that say up-to-date with our culture.

"The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Genter" - The Center equips believers with theologically sound and accessible resources in the form of small-group learning experiences, conferences, and other avenues such as blogs, videos, podcasts, speaking, and webinars.

Video Resources:

What would you Say?” – Quick and understandable answers to hard questions.


Questions for reflection:

 1. What are the biggest areas of fear that keep me from pursuing my neighbor?

2. Who comes to mind and what can I do next to learn how to better interact with them?

3. Are there any conversations from the past that I need to repair or revisit with a different posture? 

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