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10:45 Community Groups


Tell us a little about your group:
We are listed as a 60s/70s age group, but we are open to folks of any age who think they can keep up with us. We welcome visitors with open arms and accept them without resume or recommendation. We do our best to make sure that everyone is warmly received and that no one ever feels left out of any of our activities.

What do you love about your community group?
We love that our group is socially active and very supportive of one another. We try hard to deserve to be described as prayer warriors. Our philosophy is that if you are not laughing, you are not learning. Whether it's a fish fry, Christmas party, going out to dinner, or a community group class, we value genuinely enjoying gathering together. As teachers, we love that there is so much participation in class discussion during our lessons. We love that so many members of our group are involved in service to the church as greeters, choir, parking lot, ushers, security or any other opportunity for service that may be at hand.




What is a d-group?

2022 Bible Reading Plan - Old & New Testament

2022 Bible Reading Plan - New Testament

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