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We are currently receiving nominations from the members of Prince Avenue Baptist Church for men who are deemed qualified to serve as deacons. After nominations are received, the deacon ministry will interview these men and publish the names of willing, qualified men. After these names are made known, we will allow the congregation two weeks to respond if there is any Biblical basis for a nominee not to be affirmed as deacon. If you feel there is a Biblical disqualification for any man nominated, please approach the nominee in question, Jeff Carter (deacon chairman) or one of the pastors. The qualified, willing men will be affirmed as a whole by the body.

At PABC, the ROLE of the deacon team is clarified in the four primary deacon responsibilities:

  1. Protect the unity of the Body
  2. Serve the Body
  3. Care for the Body
  4. Model membership to the Body

Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, protecting the unity of the body, resolving conflict, ministering in times of crisis, ministry to senior adults, homebound and widows, helping with practical needs for members, assisting in the ordinances of the church and modeling what it means to be a member of PABC. All deacons are expected to seek out and occupy a place of service in the church program in addition to his role as a deacon. Those nominated need to be willing to serve faithfully, actively, humbly and for the praise of God and not others.

Biblically, the QUALIFICATIONS of deacons are listed clearly in Acts 6:1-7 and in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. The primary qualification is that these men be blameless (are known for their godly character) in their spiritual life, family life and personal life.

The specific qualifications of Prince Avenue Baptist Church are as follows:

  1. Men of good reputation - known inside and outside the church for their integrity and Christian life
  2. Men full of the Holy Spirit - a lifestyle and attitude clearly led by the Spirit
  3. Men full of wisdom - able to apply Biblical principles to daily life
  4. Men who are reverent in their behavior - serious about the things of the Lord
  5. Men who are not “double tongued” - they speak with integrity and are not known for gossip
  6. Not given to much wine - does not partake of alcoholic beverages
  7. Not greedy for money - financially responsible and a faithful giver
  8. Faithful with the Gospel - believes the truth and lives the truth with a clear conscience
  9. Blameless and unchargeable - not perfection, but one whom no one in the church or in the community can give negative testimony about his walk with Christ

Distinct Family Qualifications (1 Timothy 3:11-12)

  1. He must exhibit the fruit of Godly leadership in the home.
  2. His wife must be reverent, not a slanderer, temperate and faithful in all things.
  3. He must be the husband of one wife having single-hearted and unquestionable devotion to his wife.
  4. He leads his household in a way that is pleasing to the Lord and a testimony to others.
  5. He will not be problem-free, but will handle all problems with unwavering commitment to the principles of the Bible, resulting in a good testimony.

Nominees must also be at least 25 years of age and a member for at least two years at the time of election.

Below is the list of current deacons who are therefore unable to be nominated:

David Carter                           Joe Hicks
Robert Coletti                         Marion Ivey
Tommy Deaton                       Brian Kimsey
Richard Frierson                     Doug Kleweno
Alan Haas                               John Varghese
Preston Henry                        Ed Wiezorek
Jeff Ingram                             Dicky Clark
Scott McCall                          Steve Davis
Olan Miller                              Robby Grider
Dr. Stan Satterfield                 Allen Hunter
Lynn Bahnsen                        Clay Kitchings
Joe Campbell                         Jason Lewis
Jeff Carter                              Bobby Vaughn
Tom Edge                               Wes York
Brian Elrod

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