2022-23 Church Business


View and download digital copies of the Budget, Governing Documents, and Leadership Positions below. Keep the following dates in mind regarding the documents.

Q&A Session  |  6/15

We will conduct a Q&A session on these subjects on Wednesday, June 15 at 5:30pm in Rooms 1118-1119 of the main church building.

Church Business Vote  |  6/26

Church membership will vote on the following matters at the end of both services on Sunday, June 26.

Proposed 2022-23 Budget

The church’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2022-23 is summarized at the link below. We are trending toward a surplus of approximately $1.3 million in budget offering for the current fiscal year, which would be 33 percent more than we budgeted. We have increased the budget 10 percent for the next fiscal year.

Download the Proposed Budget

Governing Documents

Access our proposed revised Constitution, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation above.

We would like to thank our Bylaws Review Team of Jan Barham, Jeff Carter, Clay Kitchings, Mike Maxey, Lisa Vaughn, and Ron Weldon for their faithful service and wise input. We also thank church member Matt Martin, an attorney who specializes in church legal matters and governing documents, for his expertise and assistance in revising these documents.

Download the Constitution

Download the Bylaws

Download the AOI

Major Changes to Governing Documents:

  • Adds legal language to strengthen church autonomy and self-governance to protect against legal challenges

  • Creates a five-person Administrative Team elected by the church to combine the duties of the Finance Team and Personnel Team and offer advice and accountability to the Pastoral Staff

  • Revises the Deacons section to reflect the current Deacon Handbook

  • Revises the Church Covenant in the Constitution to reflect the current church mission statement and discipleship pathway

  • Revises the Statement of Faith in the Constitution to include essential beliefs concerning the family, marriage, sex outside of marriage, same-sex relationships, and gender identification

Leadership Positions

These church members are candidates for election to the following proposed positions:

Administrative Team

  • Jeff Carter (3 years)

  • Joe Taylor (3 years)

  • Chad Cleveland (2 years)

  • Danny Cook (2 years)

  • John Werner (1 year)


  • Ron Weldon (3 years)

  • Jan Jernigan (2 years)

  • Lisa Vaughn (1 year)

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