Prayer and Fasting

This fall (September 17 through November 24), we will be walking through Revelation 1-3 and studying the seven letters to the churches. Every letter is written with the same primary vision: The church ablaze with the glory of Christ! God has created the church that it might experience and display the glory of Jesus Christ. These letters help us know how to do that.

Every letter ends with these words, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” We want to hear what the Spirit is saying to us. For that reason, we are asking you to considering fasting and praying various times throughout this fall. You can choose one day, one day a week, two days a week, or any other variation. Our goal is to have at least ONE PERSON fasting EVERY DAY throughout the fall.  Note:  An unlimited number of individuals may sign up to pray/fast on any day.  Once a day is “grey” on the calendar, you may continue to sign up for that day.  “Grey” simply means that multiple people have already signed up for that particular day.

NOTE on fasting: there are a number of different ways to fast. You might fast from music, television, or even fast a lunch one day a week. The goal is to find a way to dedicate time to hear the word and pray. The PURPOSE of fasting is feasting. Feasting on God’s word and prayer. The goal is to take some time out to hear from God and pray for our church.

PRAYER GUIDES: Every week we will be posting a prayer guide (available at the bottom of this page) to assist you in prayer. The prayer guide will be a reflection of the sermon each Sunday.

Fasting Is:

  • EXPLAINED We do not have to fast from just food. We can fast from food, media, or anything else that takes our attention from God.
  • EXPECTED Jesus assumes that we will fast: “and when you give … and when you pray … and when you fast ….” (Matthew 6:1-7)
  • DONE FOR A PURPOSE We fast for many reasons. Some of them are to strengthen prayer, to see God’s guidance, to humble oneself before God, and to express concern for the work of God. (Daniel 9:3, Acts 14:23, I Kings 21:27-29, Nehemiah 1:3-4)

*Taken from Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. Find this and other resources below:

Prayer & Fasting Resources

Prayer Guide 

Prayer Guide | November 19 – November 24

This week, we conclude our series on the letters to the seven churches in Revelation by reviewing chapters four and five.  We began our study with a vision of Christ, and concluded our study with the same glorious vision.

Chapter 4 begins with a door… a door standing open in heaven.  This door is an invitation for us to come in a gaze… a special picture for us to see.

This door, or picture, contains one throne and the ONE sitting on that throne.  This is the centerpiece of heaven… the centerpiece of creation…a THRONE with the ONE sitting on it.  There is ONE who rules, ONE who reigns, ONE who matters, and ONE who is central in all of creation.

Chapter 5 summarizes a new song…

“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,
to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might
and honor and glory and blessing!”

The central thought in our study is simply that JESUS ALONE IS WORTHY.  Jesus is the only one who is worthy to bring all things to completion.  Jesus alone is worthy of our praise.

All of heaven, all of creation, and everything created joins in the song that HE IS WORTHY.

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Do our hearts reflect grateful praise for the only ONE who is worthy of praise?

Prayerfully consider three questions:

  1. Is Jesus the center of your life?
  2. Is the worship of Jesus your consuming passion?
  3. Is the spread of His worship your greatest ambition?

As we enjoy the Thanksgiving Holidays with friends, family, and loved ones, take the time to express gratitude to God for all of His blessings in your life.  Verbally express your love and appreciation to family and friends.  Allow your love for others to be a reflection of God’s gracious love for you.

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