Discipleship Classes



These weekday multi-generational classes are designed to lead you into greater intimacy with Jesus Christ by teaching practical, foundational, and Biblical truths.

To register for a class, click the highlighted blue text registration link. For classes offered multiple times, carefully notice the day and time for the class you want to register.

 2019 | Winter/Spring Classes


Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together (Women’s Class)

Tuesday                      9:30 – 11:00 am            Jan 8 – Apr 23              Room 1130

Tuesday                      6:30 – 8:00 pm            Jan 8 – Apr 23              Room 1130

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Jan 9 – Apr 24              Room 1130

This rich study of the Titus 2 model for women provides a road map to help us experience the kind of community and influence God designed us to have in the church and in the world. Woman to woman, older to younger, side-by-side, life on life.  This is God’s beautiful plan.

          *No childcare available Tues PM


God of Covenant  (Women’s Class)

Tuesday                      9:30 – 11:00 am            Jan 8 – Mar 19             Room 1131

Tuesday                      6:30 – 8:00 pm            Jan 8 – Mar 19             Room 1131

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Jan 9 – Mar 20            Room 1131

Walk alongside the fathers of our faith in Genesis 12 – 50 to discern Jesus in the stories of His people. Discover how God orchestrates everything for His glory and the good of His people, and see how the God of creation and covenant is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

          *No childcare available Tues PM


The Amazing Collection  (Women’s Class)

Tuesday                      9:30 – 11:00 am          Jan 8 – Mar 26             Room 1129

Tuesday                      6:30 – 8:00 pm          Jan 8 – Mar 26             Room 1129

This incredible study gives a complete overview of each book of the Bible and shows how God’s redemptive story fits together. The main characters, themes, and messages will come alive! Even if you did not participate in previous books, you are welcome to join us.  Nahum – Malachi (Jan 8 – Feb 12) and Matthew – Acts (Feb 19 – March 26)

          *No childcare available Tues PM


Titus, Precept Upon Precept  (Women’s Class)

Tuesday                      9:30 – 11:00 am            Mar 26 – Apr 23           Room 1131

Tuesday                      6:30 – 8:00 pm            Mar 26 – Apr 23           Room 1131

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Mar 27 – Apr 24           Room 1131

How do we live with integrity in a hostile culture, a nation without morals? How can we the church affect a society which has lost respect for God? What is our purpose and calling? As we study the book of Titus, verse by verse, we will discover God’s answers to these questions.

          *No childcare available Tues PM



Conquer Series:  Battle Plan for Purity (Men’s Class)

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Jan 9 – Mar 13             Room 1133

This new, revised, and requested series offers biblical strategies, scientific facts, and personal testimonies to help men live lives of purity through genuine heart transformation.  This series is designed for all men:  husbands, fathers, and sons who desire to use God’s weapons to live lives of holiness.


Act Like Men (Men’s Class)

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Mar 20 – May 1           Room 1133

The standard for how a man acts and conducts himself continues to be lowered.  God says that men matter, and He has appointed them to lead.  Pastor James MacDonald will challenge men to take hold of their God-given role to live out Paul’s instruction found in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14.  A resource guide is available for this class at  the LifeWay Christian Store located in Epps Bridge Centre.



Ephesians:  Your Identity in Christ (Coed Class)

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Jan 9 – Feb 13             Room 1125

Following Jesus changes everything.  But we need practical answers to basic questions about the Christian life.  In Ephesians, Paul conveyed his pastoral heart for believers by focusing on who they are in Christ and how their new identity relates to their struggles, new life, community, pursuits of unity and holiness, and challenges. An optional resource guide is available for this study at the LifeWay Christian Store located in Epps Bridge Centre.


God’s Heart for the World:  Living a Life on Mission (Coed Class)

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Feb 20 – Mar 27          Room 1126

Explore God’s Heart for the World.  One day your journey will lead you to heaven, but for now it leads to the nations—whether you leave home or not.  Through readings, reflections, videos, websites, and group discussions you will discover a great vision, greater passion, and greater participation in reaching the nations.


Knowing Jesus:  Living By His Name (Coed Class)

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Jan 9 – Feb 13             Room 1127

Understanding the context in which Jesus lived sheds fresh light on His teaching, miracles, and identity.  John wrote the Fourth Gospel, which refuted heretical teaching that was creeping into the church, so that we could know and believe in Christ.  Today we still find ourselves facing countless opinions about the identity of Jesus.  The book of John provides clear answers to the question “Who is Jesus?” An optional resource guide is available for this study at the LifeWay Christian Store located in Epps Bridge Centre.


“Nothing Less” Parenting Workshop (Coed Class)

Wednesday               6:15 – 7:45 pm              Feb 20                          Room 1129

Nothing Less is a one-day Parenting Workshop. LifeWay Research reveals the top 10 influencers of spiritual health to guide parents and churches to avoid negative influences and focus on what’s most important for our children. The research helps us see that we need not look further than God’s Word. Read it. Read it consistently. Read it together. Talk about it. Apply it to our lives. And don’t shy away from any of it. In the words of A.W. Tozer, “Nothing less than the whole Bible can make a whole Christian.”


Single and Parenting (Coed Class)

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Jan 9 – Apr 10             Room 1134

This is a biblically based “how to” course designed specifically for issues facing single parents.  Each week deals with a different subject.  The course covers a wide range of topics taught by leading subject matter experts.  Each week has a video presentation followed by a peer group discussion.  Registration is $10 (includes workbook)


Unstuck:  Fresh Traction For Common Struggles (Coed Class)

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm             Feb 20 – Mar 27          Room 1127

Over time, we get stuck in patters of thinking, places of temptation, and misplaced priorities.  But God has given you His Word to meet you where you are and to free you from your failures.  In this study, discover God’s ever-present help in gaining traction from biblical principles that set you free.  An optional resource guide is available for this study at the LifeWay Christian Store located in Epps Bridge Centre.


Visionary Parenting (Coed Class)

Wednesday                 6:15 – 7:45 pm            March 13 – May 8         Room 1129

Do you know why God gave you children? Visionary Parenting will take you deep into the Bible, where you will capture a new vision for your family. You will learn practical tools for passing faith to your descendants for generations to come.



What do Sunday Community Groups offer?
Sunday Adult Community Groups (Sunday School) offer a weekly opportunity to study the Bible and enjoy the fellowship of friends in a classroom setting.  There are groups for all ages!

When do Sunday Community Groups meet?
Every Sunday morning from 9:15 am to 10:15 am.

What class would I attend?
We do not assign individuals to groups; however, a “target age” is listed for each group.  Individuals may choose to attend any group of their choice; some are gender specific.

What are the group options?
The groups currently offered are listed below:

  • Hispanic Bible Study

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    Hispanic Bible Study classes meet in the Prince Avenue School Building on Sunday mornings.

  • College Class College Students

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    An exciting coed class for college students that focuses on the practical application of scripture.

    Teacher: Sky Pratt (Karen)
    Location: Room 1125

  • Singles & Couples 20’s - 30’s

    Kitchings Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    Do you desire to experience authentic Christian community with others? The focus of this class will be to effectively use time together to know Jesus and to be known by other believers by studying God’s Word, engaging in discipleship, and living life together. As a group, we desire to be encouragers for one another, and to serve one another as we grow in our relationship with Jesus and the church. Come join us for genuine relationships and life changing Bible study.

    Teacher: Clay Kitchings (Marie)
    Location: Room 1126

  • Multi-Generational

    Byrd Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    The focus of this class is to help adult men and women of all ages (regardless of their backgrounds) to grow and thrive in their personal walk with Jesus. The class emphasis will be on the application of scripture for personal discipleship.

    Teacher: Ralph Byrd (Theresa)
    Location: Room 1123

  • Adults 30’s & 40’s

    Deep Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    An exciting class of young couples with children ranging from preschool to high school. Through Bible study, we learn to seek God’s vision and purpose for our families and our lives.

    Teacher: Chan Deep (Suzanne)
    Location: Room 1127

  • Adults 30’s & 40’s

    Ivey Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    This Sunday School class is for married couples (ages 30’s & 40’s) with elementary, middle or high school age children. The class will focus on the practical needs of couples “raising kids.” Bible studies and social activities are designed to help active families face challenging issues in a contemporary culture.

    Teacher: Marion Ivey (Linda)
    Location: Room 1121

  • Adults 30 +

    Campbell Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    A growing coed class focusing on the expository study of God’s Word utilizing discussion.

    Teacher: Joe Campbell (Lynn)
    Location: Room 1132

  • Adults 30’s & 40’s

    Harvill Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    A coed, high energy, in-depth study of God’s word. The class is taught in a group discussion format as individuals seek God’s vision and purpose for their families and their lives.

    Teacher: Bill Harvill (Nancy)
    Location: Room 1124

  • Multi-Generational Women

    Richards & Eubanks Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    A close-knit multi-generational class of adult women, some single, some married, who seek to love, support, and encourage one another through knowledge of God’s Word and fellowship. Class size averages 20 plus each week.

    Teacher: Beryl Richards (Gregory) & Phyllis Eubanks
    Location: Room 1131

  • Adults 50+

    Brittain Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    A large coed class which emphasizes living out the Christian faith through obedience to the Word and involvement with local and global missions. Social events are planned to promote the ongoing fellowship of the class. Class size averages 70 plus.

    Teacher: Rick Brittain (Denise)
    Location: Room 1118 & 1119

  • Adults 60 +

    Hartley Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    A large class of adults averaging 60 years and older. The expository study of God’s Word is the foundation of this active class. Social events such as lunches, dinners, care groups, and golfing help keep relationships strong. Class size averages 60 plus.

    Teacher: Bill Hartley (Margaret) & Carrol Dukes (Tommie)
    Location: Room 1128 & 1130

  • Adult Men 50 +

    Phillips Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    A smaller class of adult men eager to study the treasures of scripture. The teaching style is primarily teacher led, but also incorporates informative discussion.

    Teacher: Ted Phillips (Anne)
    Location: Room 1129

  • Adults 60 +

    Coppage, Weaver, Hill Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    An active class averaging 40 plus each week. Primarily a teacher led lesson presentation with emphasis on life application. Prayer, personal care and encouragement are hallmarks of this class.

    Teacher: Richard Coppage (Martha), Russ Weaver (Myra), and Dan Hill (Lagena)
    Location: Room 1133

  • Adult Women 60 +

    Satterwhite Class

    Sunday, 9:15 am

    A warm and inviting class of senior adult ladies, seeking to apply God’s Word to everyday living. Teaching focuses on the Bible as the final authority. Monthly social events keep these special ladies close and connected like family.

    Teacher: Pat Satterwhite
    Location: Room 1134